Preparing for Your Bridal Session:

If you’ve chosen to have your bridal portraits taken as part of your wedding photography package – get excited, because it’s a blast spending an hour or two feeling like a model!  You get the chance to “try out” your bridal hair and makeup, florals, and see your entire wedding day look all put together!  It is truly a special experience, and you end up with gorgeous photos that focus all on YOU!


Schedule Accordingly

You will probably have a handful of fittings that you will need to schedule around.  Make sure your bridal shop (or whomever is taking care of the alterations) knows that you are planning bridal portraits.  We will need to schedule at least 3-4 weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for editing and print ordering.



Both outdoor and indoor locations can be stunning for bridal portraits.  It is important to remember that many places require permits or rental fees to take photos on their property.  With that being said, many wedding venues will allow you to schedule your bridal session there at no extra cost as part of your booking package.


Hair and Make Up                                                                                              

Use this opportunity to schedule a trial for your hair and makeup.  You will want to be sure to contact your artist(s) in advance to get on the books, as they fill up quickly.  Also, if you’re whiter than toothpaste like me and want a spray tan, be sure to get a suuuuper natural airbrushed spray tan rather than one from a salon/tanning place.

Once you see your final images, you can discuss any changes that need to be made (if any!) with your hair/makeup team.



It’s a great idea to bring any accessories and jewelry you plan on wearing for your wedding day.  That way, you can ensure that everything looks cohesive and just the way you want it!  Try to keep it all in one bag for easy transport.



Contact your wedding day florist and let them know you are taking bridal portraits.  They will be able to provide a bouquet that matches the one you will carry down the aisle!  Be sure to keep the bouquet in water until you arrive to your portrait location.


Bring a Companion

I recommend that you bring 1-2 people with you to your bridal session.  This can be a family member (like your mom or sister) or even a bridesmaid.  I usually enlist their help holding and fluffing your dress or carrying your flowers/bag.  Whatever you do, be sure that the person you bring is someone who is uplifting and energetic so that you actually enjoy yourself!


Relax and Have Fun

Most of all, try your best to relax and have fun!  It is a blast having an hour all to yourself while feeling like a model!  Remember, you don’t need to know how to pose – your photographer will walk you through positioning and posing so that you look your absolute best!  All you need to do is smile and be yourself!